The research interests of the Microwave Sensing & Imaging Lab include the following areas:

  1. Antennas: electrically small antennas, ultra-wideband antennas, antenna arrays, antenna packaging, MIMO antennas
  2. Microwave sensing: ultra-wideband radar systems, ground-penetrating radar systems, foliage-penetration radar systems
  3. Signal processing: physics-based signal processing, radar image processing

We are looking for graduate students who are interested in one or more of the areas mentioned above. All admitted students will receive full scholarship from GIST or the government of Korea. Background in any computational language (C/C++, Fortran, Java, Matlab, etc.) and experiences with electromagnetics measurement will be preferred, but not required.

Photograph of the resistive vee antenna. The antenna is loaded with 28 chip resistors and encased in a low radar cross section package. This antenna package is suitable for ultra-wideband, short-pulse radar applications (500MHz—8GHz).


Microwave Sensing & Imaging Lab.
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Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
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Gwangju 61005, Republic of Korea

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* The top image was obtained by applying the 3-dimensional Stolt migration algorithm to the ground-penetrating radar scan of the 38.5cm × 46.6cm GT shape target, which was made of 1.8cm thick plywood. The image was drawn on a 20dB gray scale.